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Monday, 1 April 2013

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)

I've posted a few times on the odd phenomenon of "the carry".  Typically seen in monster movies - it's that almost inevitable point where the chick faints and the monster carries her away. It's a scene that's repeated over and over - and not just in film, but in books, comics and advertising as well.

The idea to revisit this topic came from reading an old Famous Monsters of Filmland where they actually talk about this very theme. Of course, it's done in the typical FMoF style with plenty of puns and no real sociological analysis:

"The first rule of monsterish carry-offism is that the creature must carry off the maiden in destress.  Or dat dress. And carry her off well.

No one really cares where they carry her to, it's how that makes 'em howl. 'Cuz, after all, whether it's to Dracula's dungeon or a dinosaur's pad, chances are 1,000,000 to none that the hero will rescue her in the nick of time -- heroes' have a knack for that sort of thing --- and drive a stake thru the vampire's heart (this is known as a wooden performance) or blow up the brontosaurus with grenatdes, explosive bullets, mortar shells & chemical bombs.  As Brenda Saurus said as she was being blown to bits, 'That's show blitz!'"

As you can see, there isn't much substance, but at least they acknowledged it.  The topic began in issue #33, and was "carried on" in subsequent issues.  So, to make like Forry Ackerman, I too will "carry on" the tradition.  Enjoy.


The Mole People

Captive Wild Woman

Stay tuned for more.  This is one well that will never run dry. 


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