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Friday, 1 March 2013

In my explorations of pop archaeology sometimes I strike gold, sometimes it's a dud, and sometimes.... well, sometimes I don't know what the hell I've found.  Odd and interesting pictures that really don't belong anywhere, yet still must be shared.

I find that these sorts of images are best tasted without context - it magnifies their strangeness.  I'd rather just show you a picture of a woman in a bikini strangling a mime than attempt to explain it and ruin its mystery.

So buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.

But don't say you weren't warned...

Note that a lot of these images come from my (now defunct) Retrospace Zeta site - a great place to post stuff like this.

If you have a favorite of these images, let me know.  I'm always interested to hear the views and opinions of my peeps. 

There may be a perfectly rational explanation for this woman kicking a giant fake pickle.  But you'll never know. 

A lot of my stuff comes from National Lampoon (as above).  Their images are particularly interesting and provoking when separated from their context.  I recently received a couple boxes of Lampoons from a dedicated Retrospacer - there will be cornucopia of Lampoon stuff coming to Retrospace in the not too distant future as I am diligently scanning them. 

Dear God, don't ask.  As you probably can gather from my "pancake" posts, I get a lot of my material from vintage erotica.  Say what you will, some of the best and most interesting examples of fashion, decor and overall "seventies-ness" come from these dirty rags.  Many are not from the U.S., so their subject matter and vibe is often.... on the odd side.

A young Andre the Giant

This picture has long been my favorite in terms of "What in the ever lovin' F**K is going on here?" 

Yes, this is indeed the fourth picture of a midget with an attractive female... don't judge me. 

And what better way to end than with a drunk or stoned Dick Van Dyke.  I told you it would be a strange trip.


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