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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The beautiful female cargo of Harcourt Fenton Mudd (Season 1, Episode 6) was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to galactic babes on the original Star Trek.  Besides the fact that the Enterprise dress code required micro-minis for all female crew members (a topic for a Mini Skirt Monday post for sure), it seemed like every episode provided an opportunity for some sci-fi eye candy.  Let's browse through some episodes and see the smoking hot babes that await in The Final Frontier.

We have to first mention Yeoman Janice Rand, played by Grace Lee Whitney.  Whitney was cut from the show before the first season ended - and the reasons for it remain unclear.  It's known that Whitney was struggling with alcoholism at the time; but it's also been said that there were budgetary cuts.  When it was determined that Kirk was not to be a one-woman guy, her value as a love interest went bye-bye, and subsequently so did her job.

That's not to say Shatner didn't have eyes for the lovely Yeoman. God knows he could barely pass through a scene without staring longingly at her chest.  No doubt in my mind The Shat was banging the Yeoman.  No doubt whatsoever...

My eyes are up here, Captain.  Damn it Jim, focus!

The sad story is that after she was cut from Star Trek, Janice slipped even further into her alcohol addiction.  Years later DeForest Kelley saw her waiting in an unemployment line and got her some small parts in the Star Trek movies.  Janice has since come forward and said that she was sexually assaulted by a Star Trek executive, and this was in no small part why she left the show. Fact or Fiction - we may never know.

Mudd's women (mentioned at the top of this post) are, from left to right:

  1. Karen Steele - Had a big role in Marty (1955), but after that it was just spots on TV shows.
  2. Maggie Thrett - Had a brief singing career (working with Bob Crewe) until a near fatal motorcycle accident with Gram Parsons.  After the incident, Thrett drifted away from the limelight.
  3. Susan Denberg - German born Playboy Playmate of August 1966; also starred in  Frankenstein Created Woman opposite Peter Cushing (1967), although her voice was dubbed due to her thick accent.

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry played Nurse Chapel.  Other than being Gene Roddenberry's wife and so-called "First Lady" of Star Trek, she was also a stone cold fox.  But this episode ("What Are Little Girls Made Of?", Season 1, Episode 7) is infamous for another space-age babe....

Sherry Jackson is primarily known for her role as the oldest daughter on The Danny Thomas Show.  But like most young actresses, she "grew up" and got naked.  Specifically, she had a nude scene in a Blake Edwards movie that was cut from the American release (Gunn, 1967), but appeared in Playboy that year.

Jackson plays "Andrea" an android with, evidently, no sense of shame.  You've got to hand it to the wardrobe department of Star Trek.  They definitely knew what they were doing.

"Dagger of the Mind" (Season 1, Episode 9) features the space hottie Marianna Hill as Lt. Helen Noel. Marianna played small parts in a ton of television shows, but what I found most interesting is that she's a cousin of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Jeez.  How many boys "became men" after this Star Trek episode? Lieutenant Noel had to have been directly responsible for the "blossoming" of many a young lad..

Episode 12 featured one of several Green Girls to appear on the series.  This one, Vena, was played by actress Susan Oliver, who would later become an accomplished pilot.

Barbara Anderson as Lenore Karidian in Episode 13.  Anderson is best remembered for her role in Ironside.

Phyllis Douglas plays Yoeman Mears in Episode 16 "The Galileo Seven".  She's in most of the episode, yet she seems to spend most of it in that chair.  She's one of the "Seven", yet given very little to actually do - which is why I love this moment from the episode.  She looks absolutely bored while the men do all the work.

Phyllis is one of the last surviving cast members of Gone with the Wind.  She played "Bonnie Blue Butler" at the age of two.

Emily Banks plays Yeoman Tonia Barrows in "Shore Leave" (Season 1, Episode 15).  Emily played on television here and there, from Mannix to The Tim Conway Show, but never really made it big.

I'm not quite sure what happened with Ms. Banks.  She seemed to be going strong in the sixties with Elvis movies, a handful of other feature films, and some pretty big TV spots (Wild, Wild West and Dragnet).  Then she shows a little skin in a 1970 biker movie called Hell's Bloody Devils and it's downhill from there.

Well, we'll leave on that little mystery and continue the Star Trek babe exploration in future posts.  Until then.


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