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Monday, 25 March 2013

Spic and Span was an old UK girlie magazine from the 1960s.  Pretty innocent cheesecake - mostly swingin' Brits showing a bit of leg here and there.  As I was paging through a few of these old rags, I kept noticing heating units in the background - mainly wall radiators.

This shouldn't be a shock.  It's damn cold in England.  However, I still found it a little strange that these heaters were lurking in the background of so many photo shoots.  I mean, was it that cold they had to pose by a radiator every time?

I wish I had more to show you beyond the handful in this post. Nonetheless, it's curious enough that I had to share.

The one above is driving me crazy.  I think it must be some kind of wall heating pad.  It's in a ton of these old pictures, and it seems to have a water supply.  Yet, she's resting her arm on it, so it must not be hot.  Anyone out there know what this is? Here is another example.

These next two from the same photo shoot as the one at the top of the post...

Another reason for the preponderance of heaters is that the photos seem to be shot at the same locations over and over.  Oftentimes, the set looks to be no more than an emptied out guest room.  Not that readers cared.

Censored by Retrospace because the public can't handle nipples.

Before someone points out that this may be an AC unit; likely it's heat as well.

She's reaching for the thermostat.  How she got her dress caught in that cabinet is anyone's guess.

And a couple fireplaces before we go...

This last chick is literally sitting on the fireplace.  Like I said - England is damn cold.


  1. Love the pix! So many radiators, lol. Weird, but awesome and classy hot.