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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

You can't help but love movie poster art from back in the day - especially the crazy exploitation stuff.  Here's a few of my faves with the text stripped away so you can just admire the art.  There's plenty of sites out there with the full movie poster uncropped - so don't worry.  This post, however, is just diggin' the kickassity (new word) of lowbrow art at its finest (and not so finest). Enjoy.

The Devil’s Express (1976)

Okay, if the creature is the same size as the woman, how is it lifting up a train? Well, whatever its actual size, that monster has some 'splainin' to do because here comes trouble - and he's wearin' a pair of shiny overalls.

Las Vegas Lady (1975)

I actually own this movie.  I've tried to make it through all the way on several occasions, but just don't have what it takes.  Suffice it to say, the movie doesn't live up to the poster.

Terminal Island (1973)

It's almost like a Grandma Moses painting..... but with captive women being used to plow fields.

Apache Woman (1976)

And another captive woman roped and enslaved.  You can use a lot of adjectives to describe seventies cinema - "delicate" would not be one of them.

Sister Street Fighter (1974)

Yeah, I know.  It's nothing more than a comic book panel, but that doesn't make any less awesome.  I could do without the guy playing limbo through Sonny Chiba's legs, though.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (1976)

Yes! This is what I'm talking about.  This is action cinema art with flare.  It really conveys the thrill that makes these old crime movies so damn good.

The Vampire Happening (1971)

This is probably my favorite of them all (if that gives you any indication of my fine art appreciation).  It reminds me of the Frazetta and Jack Davis movie posters of the sixties - silly, if not manic, fun.

Brute Corps (1972)

.... and another woman being roped.  I'm starting to pick up on a pattern here.

Swap Meet (1979)

I haven't seen this movie, but I'm betting on lots of sexy hi-jinx and irreverent tomfoolery.

The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

Is this an amateurish painting which demonstrates little in the way of artistic technique? Yes.  Would I buy it and hang it in my home office? Most definitely.

A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973)

Every director who is tasked with directing a horror film should sit alone with this picture and meditate upon it.  Perhaps some of its mojo will rub off.

Moonshine County Express (1977)

You can't go wrong with a hick flick.  A few years back I attempted to catalog them all, but I'm sure I fell far short. It was a valiant effort though, if I may say.

.And the winner of this round is.......(drum roll please).....

Crash! (1977)


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