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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Counterfeiting is fun!

Retrospace doesn't typically go back as far as the 1930s, but this find was too good to not share.  It's the 1938 Johnson Smith & Company Catalogue of Surprising Novelties, Puzzles, Tricks, Joke Goods, Useful Articles, Etc.  (They had a way with words back then, didn't they?) What stuck out to me was the politically incorrect tone and social irresponsibility of it all.

Of course, it was a product of it's time. There's no use in wagging fingers and becoming offended by it Please take my snarky comments with a grain of salt - my shock and horror is all in fun.  And I should also mention that I didn't scan this myself, but rather found it floating aimlessly on the interwebs and thought it could find a home on Retrospace.  So here it is.

Yes, let's not only ship reptiles through the mail, but lets also put in a racist joke for good measure.  Way to go Johnson Smith & Company.

And as long as the robbers happen to see you admiring your fake weapon, you'll be safe and sound.

I'm getting the distinct impression Johnson Smith & Company were a bunch of jerks.  Their marketing strategy seems to be a combination of (1) enabling deviant behavior in youth, (2) racism, (3) animal cruelty and (4) false advertising.  Seems like a winning strategy to me.

Ha, Ha! Won't this be fun? Let's get this innocent old man a police beat down.

Inciting violence and now cheating.  What's next, novelty terrorism?

Oh, dear.  I spoke too soon....

I don't think it's a great leap to realize that maybe those "bullet dice' will work nicely with the "Ronson Repeater" strategically placed next to it in the catalog.  And if it doesn't quite work, I'm sure a little old fashioned elbow grease and some soldering (also conveniently located nearby) will get it in working order.

Indoor fireworks.  What could possibly go wrong?

Make sure you hold your laughter until the unsuspecting victim begins to bite down on a chocolate made of....wait for it...... rubber!  But be sure you are fully licensed in CPR and can dislodge an obstruction from a windpipe.

"If you don't like this, go to hell and buy your own."  Nice.

Check out the many ways firearms can be fun!....

Put this pencil sharpener in your kid's school supplies.  I'm sure the teachers will love it!

I repeat: What could possibly go wrong?

Let's just hope that the person you're shooting at is wearing protective eye wear.  This could get ugly.

"Scares thieves and surprises friends"!



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