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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I enjoy playing Words with Friends and Draw Something - games you can play without ever being in the same room.  Long distance gaming via apps and Facebook has its value, I guess; however, there's no replacing the intangibles of playing together.

Physical board games have by no means gone extinct.... but with the advent of digital media, we all see the writing on the wall.  In 1978 and 79, however, if you wanted to play a game, you were stuck like it or not with actual human beings.  Here's a few Selchow & Righter Games catalog pages from those years.  Enjoy.

From Wikipedia:
Selchow and Righter was purchased by Coleco Industries in 1986 for $75 million USD in cash and notes. In 1989 Coleco declared bankruptcy and its primary assets were purchased by Hasbro for $85 million USD in cash...

I actually had the "Ginger Bread Man" game when I was little, and I remember playing "Go For Broke".  However, "What Shall I Be?" and "RSVP" elude me. 

"Crystal Climbers" was about as interesting as a wet carrot.  Yet everybody used to have a set gathering dust in their rumpus room.  This "Spider-Man Hulk Quick Draw" is intriguing as hell.  I had a monster drawing tool where you rubbed a crayon on interchangeable plastic foldouts (It's hard to explain).  However, this doesn't appear to be like that.  Anyone remember?

Not sure why, but the monster makeup thing was big in the seventies.  I would have given anything to own this Scary Faces kit.

I'm guessing "Whodunit" was a rip off of "Clue".  I don't recall "Gota Minute" but it looks sort of like Boggle, which I freakin' love.  I wonder if these alternate versions of Scrabble are still out there: Crosswords, and Sentences

This one never caught on.  No big shock there.

If these games seem a tad lame to you, you need to keep things in context.  We didn't have toy stores the size of a small country packed with expensive crap.  We had board games, action figures, and......stuff like this.


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