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Thursday, 14 February 2013

"A Human Cauldron of emotions - torn, twisted, abused...."

Sometimes the backs of these old sleazy paperbacks are just as good as the front.  In Love-Jungle Tigress, the paperback writers make TV land look like a never-ending orgy of violent debauchery.  This book was written in the early sixties - so what television shows are they talking about exactly? The Beverly Hillbillies? My Three Sons? As much as it disturbs me to think of sodomy and hate fueled abuse going on behind the scenes in My Favorite Martian or Father Knows Best, inquiring minds want to know.

When Eve gets into that "Laotian Jungle Mood" there's simply no stopping this girl.  One minute she's teaching "kooky sex tricks" then she's making like C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man and dying herself brown to pose as a native.

This is truly a lousy back cover.  It's simply an excerpt - not a summary or anything.  Even worse, there's nothing in the text (or the cover for that matter) about a beach.  It's got the "sex" part covered sure enough; I'm just a little skeptical whether the beach ever makes an appearance.

Of course, what were we expecting? Acclaims from the New York Times on the back cover? Perhaps a paragraph of praise from Gore Vidal and J.D. Salinger?  No, this type of book was no frills.  Just S-E-X; anything else just got in the way. Here's a bunch more trashy paperbacks at their most bare (pun intended).

Click the back covers to read full sized - but don't say you haven't been warned.


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