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Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm sure these photographers started with a creative concept; but when that didn't work out, it was, "Screw it.  Go sit on the couch and look sexy."

Playboy had the money, so they could afford to get imaginative.  Their covers featured some pretty interesting concepts that were obviously not shot by amateurs.  Meanwhile, the rags with a tighter budget often ended up opting for the couch. "Aw, to hell with it. Just go sit on the couch and play with your hair or something."

As with most things on Retrospace, I'm not as interested in the high dollar photo shoots. (i.e. most fashion posts on this site are from crummy needlework pamphlets rather than the likes of Vogue or Cosmo).  The "skin mag on a budget" is what I like - they're a more genuine, less manicured, slice of the past.  So, today I'm honoring the "Screw it.  Go sit on the couch, put your leg in the air or something, and let's go get a sandwich." photography method.  Enjoy.

Showcase carved their own niche in the nudie magazine market by featuring strictly unpleasant drunk women.

Does this look a little familiar to you? Mayhaps we've seen a similar cover before?

And the winner is...



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