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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lesley Ann Warren (credited on the show only as Lesley Warren) played Dana Lambert during the fifth season of Mission Impossible 1970-1971).  Barbara Bain left after season three, so the show didn't really have a female lead again until Warren came on. She starred alongside Leonard Nimoy who began his role on the show the previous year.  So, the combination of the ultra hot Lesley Ann Warren and Spock made the show well worth watching.

Of course, 1970-1971 was prime time for miniskirts; so, naturally Warren was quite often in them.  Let's run through a few highlights of Warren in minis from Mission Impossible Season Five, shall we?  In the Chronology of the Mini, it's quite an important event.  It would behoove any armchair Miniskirtologists to read on.

The directors were very adept at making the most of Warren's minis.  If she had to leave a room, the camera didn't just show her walk out of the room.  It showed her walk out of the room, and then down the hall.... preferably a long hall.

And when it was time for Dana to get in and out of a car, the directors made damn well sure the audience got to see Dana get in and out of that car.

In one scene where she is injured in an alleyway (actually only pretending to be hurt to fool a drug dealer that she's been mortally wounded), audiences get a rather long leering look at Warren in a miniskirt up close.

Here Dana Lambert is posing as a singer (with Spock on guitar).  Obviously lip synching (to a Barbara Streisand sound-alike), but who cares? Dig that yella' mini!

Dana is disguised as a bar maid when Spock (pretending to be her pimp) walks up and manhandles her.  What a scene - Nimoy bitch slapping Leslie Ann Warren. Stored in my memory vault for eternity.

Later on, the "bar maid" gets totally roughed up in the basement by the real bad guy.  Herein lies Dana Lambert's fatal flaw - she has no fighting skills.  No Kung-Fu, no Karate, nothing.  She's basically a human punching bag in every episode.

Saved by Peter Graves.... as always.  She was damn good undercover (And Warren actually won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for the part), but she was constantly put in harms way with no means of defense.  You'd have though IMF would have given her some self defense training.

Dana poses as a stewardess, naturally wearing a miniskirt.  Unfortunately for her, she's discovered, captured, and interrogated..... still in the mini, of course.

And a few random miniskirt shots...

That mini doesn't belong to Dana, but I just had to share.  Even Spock appreciates a good miniskirt.


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