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Monday, 11 February 2013

They may have not known it then, but this would be the best moment of their entire lives.  It was all downhill from here.

If you do nothing else, just take a good look at the expressions of the male individuals in the following photographs.  You will not see the gender in a happier, more contented state.  Life is good at moments like these.

You'll notice I entitled this post "Men Among Minis" even though this gent look a little young.  Indeed, this is the moment he became a man. 

A clever game of pocket pool caught on film.

The picture above is how the scene played out in reality.  However, reality is relative.  This is what the scene looked like to the lifeless lens of a camera.  Here's what it looked like to the guy on the right... there's a subtle difference.

This guy knows he's got it good.  Some fellas in the seventies took the mini for granted.  Not this guy.

Jeesh.  He could at least try and be discreet.

Are these two guys giving each other a sly 'high five'? Busted.


This poor fellow is exhibiting all the tell tale signs of Miniskirt Over-Exposure.  Someone get him a paper bag to breath into, quick!

And last but not least.  No caption required.  We all know exactly what he's thinking.


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