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Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's true that Mary Ann wore short shorts and Ginger wore evening gowns; however, the last season saw their share of miniskirts.  Mostly it was Mary Ann gracing the screen in minis, but Ginger put one on a few times herself.

Interestingly enough, the very last scene of the very last episode features Ginger strutting around in a miniskirt, and the girls wonder if it'll catch on.  Had the show only lasted another season, it would've undoubtedly been a mini-palooza.  We can only imagine what could have been.

Here's a pretty comprehensive compendium of minis wore on Gilligan's Island.  Enjoy!

This is the one where Mary Ann gets super eyesight from radioactive material.  Gilligan gets super strength.

The Professor traps a vampire bat (actually he determines it's only a fruit bat), but Gilligan thinks he's been turned into a vampire.

This micro-mini basically replaced the short-shorts in the last season.  I'm not quite sure what it actually is, but I'm not complaining, and she wore it a good bit.

The very last episode is the one where Mary Ann bumps her head and thinks she's Ginger.  In the last few seconds Gilligan comes in wearing short-shorts (which a disturbing eyeful) since Ginger is wearing a mini.  The last joke of the "official" Gilligan's Island.  I don't count the shitty specials that came later.

This is the one with the cave-man who turns out to be an actor.

The beauty contest between the three ladies.  Mr. Howell throws glue on the stage and ruins Mary Ann's routine.  Gilligan is the judge.

This one's so short, I don't feel right calling it a miniskirt.  It's more or less just a shirt.  But we're not too particular on Miniskirt Monday; don't get caught up in semantics and just enjoy the view.

This is the one where Gilligan imagines he's in a giant's castle. In the dream, the giant is the Skipper and the little maid is Mary Ann - in what has to be the best miniskirt viewing episode of them all.

Mary Ann and Ginger sneak in to get close to the carrier pigeon.

Gilligan discovers prehistoric tablets and dreams the castaways are cave dwellers.  Mary Ann and Ginger run around in cave girl attire.

Ginger plays secretary to mobster Don Rickles.  Miniskirt in full effect.
What better way to end than with Mary Ann's micro-mini that I was extolling the virtues of earlier.

Alas, had there only been one more season. Due to rescheduling Gunsmoke, Gilligan's Island was given the boot, and we shall never know the minis of season four.



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