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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

There's been a million musicians with animal names (The Turtles, Whitesnake, The Monkees, W.A.S.P., Snoop Dogg, etc.).  One day I'll list of them all.  This post is just about album covers that feature an animal or an animal name.  As usual, I'll avoid the obvious (i.e. Pet Sounds) and go with the odd, interesting and obscure.  Enjoy.

NOTE: Apologies up front: There were a whole lot more covers in this post, but something got messed up (to use technical terminology).  Rather than hunt those same images down and re-post them, I took the easy route and just deleted the images that weren't working. 

You may now proceed.

The guy on the right looks kinda unhealthy.It might be a good time for Spider to start looking into a backup drummer. David Letterman's drummer, Anton Fig, was in a band called Spider in 1980 - that can't possibly be him can it?

Does this one count?


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