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Thursday, 14 February 2013

One day, folks.  One day you'll land on Retrospace and the post will declare that I've run out of interesting material.  But given the seemingly endless supply of alcohol adverts alone, I don't think we're in any danger of that happening.  There's still plenty left to explore.  Take for example, this awesome Jose Cuervo ad from 1974...

Yes, Jose Cuervo will turn a Milquetoast Wallflower into "El Bandido".  My favorite part is when he says "I showed tthem all how you could mix it..." and the disco dolly adds "with coke".

Get drunk on vodka at the office party and have sex with your boss.  I think that's the subtle message here.

Women's Lib was such a huge topic in the seventies.  Modern conservatives try to paint them all as homely "femi-nazis" which couldn't be further from the truth.  Maybe they weren't all smoking hot as in the ad above, but the reality was the libbers were typically the good looking ones.

I'm gonna ask the obvious question here: Why is this couple taping a cape to a stuffed penguin, and what does this have to do with vodka?

Okay, it took me a minute to realize they were wrapping it (horribly, I might add) for Christmas.

Heavenor? That's not a real name.

That's a man sized mug, for certain.  Is he drinking it straight from the pitcher?

I think I'm just tired, because this is not making sense to me.  Brunch is a meal taken in between and in the place of breakfast and lunch.  How is it even possible to have brunch at midnight?

A strong candidate for inclusion in a "sex sells" post.

I still find it hard to comprehend that, for most of my lifetime, it's been okay to smoke on a plane.  Perhaps even more unbelievable is that roomy nook between the two seats.  Modern day economy seats are barely larger than that newspaper holder.

Ali McGraw was in a ton of advertising from the early seventies, late sixties.  Text on this one is particularly amusing.  Basically, the ad warns men to not go to a residence of single (bachelor) girls alone.... bring a bottle of Scotch.  That way, you'll have "a roomful of purring girls."

She has the confident stare while he has the sheepish grin. Not your typical expressions for a romantic couple in a liquor ad.  The Seagram's ad below is more your standard fare.


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