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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My family never owned an RV.  We took trips crammed in our powder blue VW bug.  When we'd go on vacations with my cousins we'd climb in the back of the station wagon and chillax facing the rear.  Safety belts be damned - we'd sprawl out on hippie sleeping bags with "Don't Tread on Me" written on them and give the bird to passing motorists.  Good times.  Good times.

But this isn't about me.  This is another RV post overflowing with beauteous imagery. As usual, we're not so much interested in the vehicle as we are the folks and funky decor within.  Enjoy.

Girl in back:  "Mommy always favored sissy.  I may as well have been invisible for all she cared. Those long rides in the RV were especially painful...."

1975 Mini Winnie brochure image

The grandparents and their Scottie dog don't seem to jive with the bordello color scheme.  But then, the color pallet of the seventies was nothing if not bold.

Of all the RV pictures in the four posts thus far, this one is my favorite.  It captures the period spot-on: the fashion, the food, the decor... I love every pixel of this image.

From the brochure: "Settle into the plush new D-29 command center and you immediately sense that luxury is aboard."

Seems an odd concept for an RV brochure.  I'd love to know the backstory here: please don't tell me the girl went and got sunburned just for this picture (the burn looks rather realistic).

The following three from the 1976 Winnebago brochure

This is the lap of luxury, my friends.  Some Asti Spumante in your glass and Barry Manilow on your speakers..... Heaven.

Imagine being a guy in 1977 - this motor home is like a freaking pleasure palace.  Screw that hippie bullshit from college - I want a color TV, hi-fi, and wet bar in my RV!

What better picture to end on?  Fondue.  Hell to the yeah.


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