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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

This fashion spread from a 1971 Mayfair magazine was just too good not to share.  The concept is simple enough: macho male astride naughty nymph.  It's the fashions and the "70s feel" that make this one a solid winner.

Each photograph features a girl in a ridiculously revealing dress cavorting around the very image of seventies manliness.  I've added my own ad copy to each just for the fun of it.  Add your own as well - you'll be surprised how fun it is to write in the Spirit of '71..

With his feathery 'stache and regal swag, this 'Pro from Dover' is a real Lt. Bruce Price.  He's dressed and fitted for a mission down the Rubyfruit Jungle - and don't expect him back before sunrise because this suit screams "all nighter".

Faster than rats up a rhododendron, the chicks will flock to this frock. For three sawbucks, this jasper outerwear is a steal - but be mindful of the perfumed stampede that's sure to follow.

With a pocketful of disco biscuits, this youngblood is ready for merrymaking. Peanut butter suit and turtleneck sweater equals fun on main street. Ya dig?

What's he hiding under those robes? - inquiring birds want to know.  A mighty narwhal or groovy sweetback perhaps, but no Sicilian toothpick for certain.  These garments were made for the Love Generation.


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