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Friday, 11 January 2013

Jazz records on the shelf, a turntable in motion, and even a bigass boat on the mantle.  If only we could soak in the rest of this vintage man cave. And by the way, this is required attire for any females who enter this Bachelor Pad Royale.

Children, close your eyes.  This is just wrong.  I've seen some pretty sick things in my day - but fern sex?  That fern is mounting this poor woman, its fronds going places a fern should never go.  Please.  Move on to the next cover before I lose all respect for houseplants.

Ah, yes.  The Mad Men mentality stripped of any pretensions.  He's got the fab suit, the morning paper, and a naked chick at his feet.  All was right with the world.

And here it is again.  At least this time she's making herself useful.


"I've got great plans for you on this next cover, Cheryl. It's gonna be big."
"Really? What are you thinking - maybe surrealism or an avant-garde approach?"
"No. I was thinking more along the lines of sticking a rose in your mouth and having you dry hump a tree in your underwear."

This would've been disturbing had we not just witnessed that fern cover.  Nothing is shocking anymore.

They were worried things were getting a little too risque, so they plopped a hat over her ass.  That's what you call thinking on your feet with a dash of good ole fashioned ingenuity.

This is a textbook example of making the most out of a photo shoot.  One shot with her dress up and it's a magazine cover.  Dress down, and it's a floor wax ad.  Genius.


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