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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Truthfully, once you've seen one biker movie you've seen them all.  Like the trucker movies of the seventies, the biker movies of the late sixties early seventies romanticized the man on wheels.  He was a rebel, an outcast, and the cowboy.  The films chronicling these reluctant heroes certainly lacked in the originality department, but still are interesting to watch.

Netflix actually has a healthy supply of biker movies available for instant view. Take for instance, The Cycle Savages (1969) starring Bruce Dern, reprising his role once again as psychotic biker nutjob.

During the climactic fight scene all I could focus on was that cool John Lennon poster.  "Don't pull her finger, lady! It's the oldest trick in the book!"

Guess who that is playing the slimeball heavy.... yep, that's Mr. Casey Kasem.

Other title screens from biker movies on Netflix...

And let's not forget trucker movies, of which there are a-plenty on Netflix instant.  One of these days I'm going to have to do a post just on title screen captures.  For some reason they fascinate me.

 I can't tell you how many times I rented Re-Animator on VHS.  God, if only all low budget horror movies could be this good.  Never a dull moment, and it delivers the goods in spades.  Campy without being a mockery; over-the-top without being purely reliant on shocks; just damn good all around.

The autopsy room scene at the end of the film is truly one of the penultimate horror movie moments.  The decapitated doctor taking his pleasure from the lovely Barbara Crampton has to be seen to be believed.

Clue is perhaps the best example I can think of where a fairly mediocre script is elevated by the actors just having the time of their lives. Sometimes just having fun is good enough (watch any episode of Carol Burnett where the writing could sometimes be so-so, but the audience enjoyment is elevated exponentially by joy the actors had with their parts).

I actually had a Clue 'boxed set".  If memory serves, it was a box that contained the original board game and a VHS with alternate endings...... and I think there was a way to play along with the film using some fancy contraption.  Anyone else have this?

I've already reviewed this film, but I thought I'd let you know it's now available on Instant.  What a freaking incredible movie.  One of my all time favorite camp classics.

The scene where our hero must suck the poison venom from the jungle girl's thigh (completely out of nowhere in an act of pure unadulterated gratuitousness) makes this film worth a looksee in-and-of-itself.

How they got her bikini top to keep her nipples covered is truly one of the greatest miracles stunts in Hollywood production history.  It defies nearly every law of physics.

And another previously reviewed film has become available on Netflix Instant.  Without question my favorite teen sex-com of all time.

No disrespect to Fast Times, Porky's, H.O.T.S., Hardbodies,etc.  This one reigns supreme in that it takes the genre to its absolute limit.  Any further and you're entering exploitation; any less and you're boring.  The perfect harmony of tasteless fun and hormonal humor.

I can't think of a better late-night popcorn B-movie than Mars Nees Women (1967).  It's not so horrible (i.e. Plan 9 from Outer Space) that it's barely watchable.  This is what you envision all those Grade Z early sci-fi drive-in movies being like, but often never are.

Lots of hokey science gobbledy gook going on that somehow manages to enhance the entertainment value.  Picture a fun B&W drive-in movie, but this is a little later (1967), so they were able to amp up the crazy a little bit.

There's a barely relevant striptease scene that I swear goes on for thirty f***ing minutes! It's really frustrating too because the dancer parades around in a full length gown for 99 percent of it.  Then (get this) you have to watch another three scenes at a separate location before cutting back to the striptease, where you finally get to see the gal drop the evening gown for a precious few seconds...

I'll save you the wait.  Here it is.

It stars Yvonne Craig as the alien sexpert (no that's not a typo).  Unfortunately, she doesn't put on any latex suits in this film; in fact, Craig's "assets" are not utilized in this film whatsoever.  A disappointment to those of us who lusted after Batgirl back in the day.


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