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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ready for another round of bad hair, bad fashion, and (probably if we could hear them) bad music? You've got to hand it to every one of these bands for trying.  Getting on stage, whether it be the Ohio State Fair or the martini lounge at the local Howard Johnson's, took guts.  Especially when you do with the pizzazz of a band like "Virginia" (above).  I'll bet they blew the bank buying those outfits.  Did they feel silly, or more likely did they feel like they were on the cusp of "making it"? We'll never know.

This looks like the cast for a soap opera, not a musical group.  I can only assume the old fella with the girl on his lap is Fred.  Hey, if ugly mugs like Keith Richards and Steven Tyler can get scores of dames, why not Fred Waring?

I think "The Emporium" refers to the gig location rather than the band's name.  I dig the miniskirt.

Christian folk music band - The Changing

Lord I hated hair metal.  What a dumb name  Lynyrd Skynyrd would kick their asses.

A Google search gets you another singer, who sort of looks similar but started recording in 2000.  Not her.

An old found photograph. No idea who this young woman is, but you got to hand it to her wardrobe selection: a leotard and high heeled sandals. Her keyboardist doesn't seem too thrilled.

1989 Gospel group. Were they really Jacob's siblings, or is this a Biblical thing. Don't care enough to know.

This has to be the worst name for a blues band ever.  Why on earth would they choose this mid century sex study as their band name? Mannekin would have been better than this. Or even better - Nighthawks.  Now that's a cool name.

1987 group Metro.  Their lead singer is a tall drink of water.  Much better than that other Metro...

True Story: His hair was so saturated with Aqua Net and Mousse that the poor woman's face became affixed to his hair and had to be surgically removed.

1986 group Jeteye.  Not sure if this is a play on "Jedi", but either way it's a stupid name.  Did I mention I hate hair metal?

More to come....


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