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Friday, 18 January 2013

Admittedly, this idea for a post is not my own -  I got it from a Flickr group by one of my favorite record collectors, Epiclectic. Bottom Line: There's a surprising amount of album covers that operate using a single principle: put three females on the cover and be done with it.  The rational, I guess, is that hot babes belong on record covers, and three hot babes is better than one or two.  Four hot babes and things start to look cramped.

Thus, three is the magic number - the perfect fen shui to decorate that cardboard canvass surrounding your vinyl.  Time and time again it rears its lovely head.  So much so, I couldn't possibly deliver all of them in a single post.

Note: for those pervs who came to the wrong blog, this is not a three dick chick post.  Just walk away quietly and no one has to know you were here.



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