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Monday, 17 December 2012

Ready for another round of 1970s motor homes?  That was a rhetorical question, because how could you not be?  This is the essence of the 70s on wheels; from the wood paneling to the drapes.  For 70s enthusiasts, it simply doesn't get much better than this.

As I mentioned in the previous posts, these come from various brochures.  I've removed the boring stuff, and left you with the purified 70s gold.  There is simply no way you can repay me for this gift I give to you.  Consider this my service to society.  Enjoy.

1974 Winnebago Brave
From the brochure:

We've brought the bold, youthful and bright look to our Brave interiors. Choose from Lemon or Lime color schemes in all three models. This is all set off by rich maple vinylface paneling with accent furnishings in brass and soft shades of gold for the baths. All drapes are on positive track slides. We make our own interiors at Winnebago, including seats, cushions. mattresses and curtains,so we control the quality of fabrics and workmanship.Choose your favorite colors confidently knowing that Winnebago quality goes into each and every stitch. Note: carpeting shown is optional

1974 Winnebago Indian
From the brochure:

You have three beautiful color schemes to array this model to your particular taste. Choose from nugget, moss or adobe complementary woven fabrics. All enhanced by rich maple vinylface paneling and brass accent furnishings.

1974 Winnebago Indian
1974 Winnebago Indian
This picture just isn't selling it for me: a couple in separate beds, with prominent toilet bowl in-between.  Color scheme: Psychedelic Heat Meiser.

1974 Minnie Winnie
Suddenly not so interested in that cheese wheel are you, my friend? Yes, the RV is a king's shaggin' wagon - a custom van of the gods.  

1974 Minnie Winnie
What's that he's holding?  Obviously, it's some kind of lens.  Anyone out there recall what this viewing device was for? (And what's up with the giant clock? Seems rather out of place in an RV)

1974 Winnebago 

From the brochure:

Yes. more cupboard space, counter-top space and-a big double stainless steel sink. You'll note in
the floor plan that the wardrobe closet is a little bigger, too. You 're saying to yourself, "Great. but we'd like another sleeping area." Answer: You've got it, with a choice of our optional overhead bunks at the front or rear.

You've come a long way from the Dust Bowl, gramps.  Now you're splitting Oreos in a tricked out Winnebago.  Livin' the dream.

This is from a 1975 Winnebago Brave brochure.... but all my brain registers is "CRUSH, CRUSH, CRUSH".  Just throw the pop tops out the window - it'll be fine.

Is it just me, or are you get a distinct pancakes vibe here?  She's a-reachin' and he's a-likin'.  Don't come a-knockin' if the Winnebago is a-rockin'.

1975 Winnebago Chieftain

How odd.  This equestrian themed page really threw me for a loop.  Are we to assume the silver steins are horse riding trophies? The mattress sans bed linens also is an odd touch.

And the silver stein theme continues.  Note the fondue pot.  I ask you: does it get any more seventies than this?

His thoughts, if we could read them: "Hell's bells, I think I'm losing my mind.  Trapped in this nightmare wagon with my in-laws - Quarantined on this four wheeled abomination with no escape.  My best hope is I choke on this lemon wedge and die....."

And the "back of the guy's head" theme continues.

I would looooove it if somebody could make out the label on that can by the sink.  I have zoomed in and squinted and still come up empty.  One minute it looks like "metal turpentine" the next "mold asparagus".  Here's the link to the full sized image.


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