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Monday, 3 December 2012

Not sure why, but I have very vivid memories of the infamous Sansabelt.  No suspenders or belt required - this thin band of elastic was all you needed. A quick look at Wikipedia and you'll find that the company went belly up (no pun intended) in 2009, and I was reminded of how Roy Biggins on Wings was apt to wear Sansabelt.  Funny how something so cool can become so universally ridiculed.

Tell us how you really feel, Wrangler.  Is that really your stance, or are you just bitter that people buy other more expensive brands? I think Wrangler needs to have a good long look in the mirror; time to be honest with yourself, Wrangler.  It's okay to be upset. We won't judge you.

Okay, maybe it's time Wrangler stopped hiding behind a facade of good intentions.  Admit it, Wrangler.  You'd sell your CorduWroys for a $100 if you knew you could get it.  I just want you to be honest with us, Wrangler.  That's all.  I'm tired of all the lies.

The guy on the right: "Oh heeelll yes.  I'm at the Playboy club wearin' cool duds. Giddyup! This modeling gig is the life!.... Keep it cool, though. Don't seem too excited. .... Is it me, or is it really, really hot in here?"

TIL: Celanese is a billion dollar company that makes acetyl intermediates.

For those not in the know: The Gaslighter Club provided the inspiration for the Playboy club as well as the bunny outfit.  It was first..... although, I think it borrowed its style from France - so who can really say they are one hundred percent original?

Ever stop to wonder who was truly the coolest man to ever live? Wonder no longer.  This guy.

Well, here's Wrangler pontificating again.  Check out the dude wearing the pink outfit.  I'm just going to avoid stating the obvious here.

Is this a shirt advertisement or a late-night fever dream? .The shirt comes in yellow, blue and lysergic acid.

I hate to leave you with this one, folks, but I must.  Quite possibly the worst advertisement I've ever had the displeasure of laying eyes on.  How in the world they thought this would sell slippers is beyond me.  But before you start feeling too sorry for yourself for being subjected to this - just think about what a view those poor firemen are getting!


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