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Friday, 21 December 2012

A retelling of It's a Wonderful Life (by the same writer in fact).  Blasphemy to some, but really not as bad as you might imagine.  Features Christopher Guest and C. Thomas Howell in his first role.

Here's a few more Christmas specials you may or may not recall..

I really wish they'd re-release some of these on DVD.  There's nothing I'd love more than to see Oral Roberts alongside H.R. Pufnstuf.  I think my head would explode; so, maybe it's best they don't.

Aren't you so glad they defined pinata for you? "A hanging container filled with candy and gifts".

In addition to being a Playboy favorite and Mrs. Ringo Starr, Barbi Benton was a singer who released an album or two.  Doug Henning was a flaky hippie magician, but dammit I loved him.  Picture Gallagher with super powers.

There was never a shortage of Country Christmas specials.  Nothing said the holidays like The Oak Ridge Boys, Tom Wopatt and Mac Davis.

And speaking of Tom Wopat, here's his partner in crime, John Schneider, on Solid Gold's Christmas special.  If you'll recall, the Solid Gold Dancers were basically naked (save for shreds of gold lamé in strategic places).  I wonder if they covered up a bit more for the holidays.  That would've been a Christmas bummer.

I'm a sucker for a Christmas special of any sort..... and yet, I would sooner be flayed alive than endure these cartoons.  Strong words, I know.  Yet I mean them sincerely.

The voice of Snow White,Erika Scheimer, was also the voice behind Marcia Brady in the animated series.  I've also heard this has a groovy soundtrack, although I can't attest to that first hand.

Mushmouth (like the kids on ZOOM) spoke that exotic language known as "Ubbi Dubbi".  See if you can translate this:

Hubave uba Muberruby Chrubistmubas uband uba Hubappuby Nubew Yubear


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