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Friday, 28 December 2012

This is one download you will not regret, folks.  With over 30 pages of vivid seventies fashion at its most gaudy.  Make no mistake, I would get on my knees and thank the Lord above if these styles came back - I love it.  That being said, the widespread drug usage that went along with the seventies helped make these styles a lot more palatable.

The 1973 House of Kesman Catalog is more or less a Frederick's of Hollywood/ Victoria's Secret style catalog with an emphasis on sexy styles for the ladies.  There's no nudity, just 70s finery at its zenith.  Here's a few more crops before you download.  And You're Welcome.

Sorry, folks.  Some of the images had to be removed due to dead links; also the download link is down due to the profound awfulness of Rapidshare.  This catalog is too good to not see the light of day, so I am working on getting another file sharing service.  Stay tuned.


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