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Monday, 10 December 2012

There's been a bunch of great science-fiction or space themed songs over the years: "Rocket Man", "Space Oddity" "Iron Man", "Mr. Roboto", and my favorite "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by The Carpenters (originally Klaatu).

But this is an album cover post; so, we're looking at some fantastic (and some not-so-fantastic) album art with a space or sci-fi vibe.  Enjoy.

Star Wars so unbelievably popular it had every form of media glomming on to its gravy train in the late seventies. I think it took a little while for George Lucas to get a stranglehold on the rights to the franchise.  In the early days, there were plenty of boldface imitators that would have been shot execution style today by Lucas' legal team.

Am I alone in finding this album cover troubling?

from the album:


What will your future be. space age boy.
Were you born with the moon in your smile.
Will you circle the stars so incredibly suited
In silver with fish bowls for eyes.
I can read your stars
There 's no life on Mars
Put another ring round Saturn space age boy.
What will you look like space age boy
Wil1 you break every heart in rhe sky
With your Rolls Royce engines so endlessly purring
A hard headed, soft hearted guy.


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