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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Martial Solal Joue Michel Magne - "Electrode" (1968)

Ready for another magic carpet ride through vinyl paradise? Well, I'm sorry I can't provide that for you.  How about an absent-minded stroll through vinyl mediocrity? Great - let's go!

OK. I kid.  Some of these are quite good.  Don't forget you can not only listen to these tracks, but right click to download them as well.  Enjoy.

Costanzo Cano - "Caravan" (1956)

Caravan is easily the most covered song in the easy listening universe.  Bongo extraordinaire Costanzo delivers a worthy version.  Plus, I can't help it - I really dig this groovy album cover.

Sven Libaek - "Music for Eels" (1973)

This soundtrack to an early seventies shark documentary got a second life when it was used in the film Life Aquatic.  It's actually pretty badass - which is why I've got the whole album available for download.  I know - my generosity knows no bounds.


Stereo Extreme - The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow - "Expresso" (1972)

The Players Association - "Ride the Groove" (1979)

It is with deep regret that I can't give you better resolution on these pictures - I don't actually own the vinyl... and my understanding is that few, if anyone, still does. It came out in 1966 and featured Bob Keane in the guise of his swingin' alter-ego Verrill Keene. No one bought it, even with the sexy spread on the back.  It was re-released on CD back in 1996 and hasn't been seen or heard since.  If you have this one, you're in possession of a rare gem - please scan and share!

Verrill Keane - "Velvet Waters"


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