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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'It is the Playboy of the British magazine world. It is not a "girlie" magazine"
- Robert Maxwell, chairman of British Printing and Communications Corporation in The Financial Times
Mayfair was a British magazine started up in August 1966.  Despite what Mr. Maxwell said, as with most men's magazines, it gradually phased out all of the men's interests content (i.e. sports cars, fashion and cool short stories by the likes of William Burroughs) except one - skin.  This change was most pronounced in Playboy which had to compete with Penthouse and Hustler, but it was also evident in less iconic adult rags like Cavalier.

Graham Masterton, an editor of Mayfair in the early days, went on to write a ton of horror novels including The Manitou.  He also became editor of Penthouse and wrote a bestselling how-to sex book: How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed (1981). An interesting note: Masterton's father invented DayGlo.

Being a British publication (it was banned in Ireland from 1968-2003 BTW) it was full of cheeky humor.  Plenty of "nudge, nudge - wink, wink" randy witticism.

The Carrie comics ran for a number of years in Mayfair.  Like the magazine itself, they got progressively more explicit.

Anyway, here's a bunch of covers in no particular order.  Enjoy.


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