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Thursday, 1 November 2012

It goes without saying that the actual textual content is way down the list on reasons to read a girly magazine. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun reading some amazing cover blurbs from vintage skin mags.  Let's just say the accompanying eye candy is a bonus.  Enjoy.

Are You Mentally Disabled?
Should Women be Manhandled?

Exclusive: Robot Cupids and Your Love Life!

USA - New Whoring Methods
Orgy - Flapper Style

The Wet Magic of Joyce

Lynn Drops a Booby on the Fun Run

Buff Bombshell on the Bridal Path
Chcekmate on the Flesh Line
Blonde in Black Booties
The Ball of the Bare Babes

The Fiend Loving Fat Man
The Passionate Apache

One Man's Meat

Is Your Baby a Feeding Problem?

A Guide to Unmarried Fathers or... How to Beat a Paternity Rap

Has the Bosom Boom Gone Bust?

How Illicit Love Ruins U.S. Students
Hea Unleashed Sadistic Beauties to Tease, Torture, and Kill
Babes, Bricks and Booze - How They Toppled Zsa Zsa's Playmate

.... and my personal favorite:

Girls Always Make Passes at Men with Moustaches


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