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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Don't ask me why I feel this need to create a vast online repository of detective magazine covers.  Perhaps it's because I feel sorry for these rags.  While other pulps covers get enshrined on countless blogs, the lowly true crime periodical is relegated to the dustbin of history.  Perhaps, it deserves it.

After all, there's no art here - only cover after cover of misogyny.  If at least they were illustrated we could value them for their artistic merit as we do the pulps which could be even more tasteless in their subject matter.  But, no; they're just poorly staged photographs emblazoned with ridiculous headlines.  They're a step below even the tabloids.

And so, just for the sake of restoring to the foreground a long derided underdog, I give you yet another detective magazine gallery.  Future generations will thank me.


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