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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I love ABBA.  Love them.  Have loved them for over thirty years. Even in the nineties, when my car was full of cassette tapes of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, I was still prone to pop in a little "Waterloo" or "SOS" - the very antithesis of grunge.  These Swedes cast a freakin' spell on me in the seventies and here I am, still totally spellbound.

The girls could sing - and like Lennon and McCartney, there was something inexplicably perfect about the way their voices sounded together.  Plus they were smoking hot.  I had a crush on Agnetha that was unhealthy for a child of that age.

Of course, they weren't big on lyrics.  Bjorn was no Dylan; however, those guys could write a melody that was damn near transcendent.  Ray Davies (The Kinks) attributes their ability to craft such exultant pop to pixie dust - it's the best explanation I've heard thus far.

Anyway, I've got a got a pile of ABBA single/record covers for your viewing pleasure (mostly foreign). As exciting as their music was, their covers were more or less standard fare.  But true ABBA fans will no doubt appreciate this gallery nonetheless.  Enjoy.

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