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Sunday, 7 October 2012

You don't have to work on Madison Avenue to know that an alcohol advertisement should never feature a guy drinking alone.  That has the potential to just look sad.  Sure, it's probably more realistic, but advertising isn't about honesty - it's about illusion (i.e. lies).

If perchance, you do feel the need to show a guy alone with his bottle, he better damn well look studly and self-confident - as if, any minute, a throng of nubile women will enter the scene throwing themselves at his feet.  But that's a tough feat to pull off.  The safe route is to have the guy flanked by a chick(s).  Other options: (1) a lone sexy female beckoning you to have a drink or (2) no people at all - just the booze.  Today, however, we're just lookin' at the male+female option. Enjoy.

Interesting.  However, questions still need answers.  Is it proper to boodle with your socks on? Is it proper to boodle on the first date? Is it proper to boodle by yourself? Is it proper to boodle from behind? Inquiring minds want to know.

When I first saw this, I thought "boot ad".  But no. Not a boot ad.

Just what you need for a jaunty game of tennis - a cooler full of rum!

Interesting dynamic going on here.  I think the text translates to "Would you have a drink with me?"
What about the chick with the newspaper? Chopped liver?

It's just like a sunstroke, except without the convulsions and ensuing coma!

For more boozing men and the women that love them, see the Booze Dudes post.


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