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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I've posted before on one of my favorite genres of film - the hick flick (i.e. hicksploitation).  The genre can cover everything from Smokey & the Bandit and Six Pack to Deliverance and I Spit on Your Grave, depending on how loose your definition is.

Certainly, the movie poster is the bigger canvas, and subsequently often has the best artwork. However, the VHS box art could be quite interesting as well (often just modified versions of the movie posters).  Of course, some were downright awful.  Here's some from the Retrospace collection.  Enjoy.

He's a truckin' man and that means he beats the crap out of people and has lots of sex.  A generation that grew up worshiping cowboys worshiped at the foot of the trucker in the 1970s.  He didn't follow societal rules, but unlike the biker, he was a champion for good.

God it must've been good to be a trucker in the seventies.  Blue collar was "in" and you were the king of the open road.  Just me and you and a dog named Boo.... or maybe a higher primate a la BJ & the Bear or Ever Which Way but Loose.

Speaking of Peter Fonda, my all time favorite car chase is the one in Ride with the Devil.  Perhaps it wouldn't fit the definition of a hick flick, but that 20+ minute chase through the backwoods in an RV shooting at a bunch of satanists kicks major league ass.

If I had to pick the face of the hick flick, it would probably be Jerry Reed.  I especially enjoyed his portrayal of a drug pushing pimp in Gator; although, that movie went downhill fast.  "Eastbound and Down" is my favorite hick flick theme. However, "Every Which Way but Loose" by Eddie Rabbit, "Take this Job and Shove It" and Waylon's Dukes of Hazzard theme ain't too shabby either.



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