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Thursday, 16 August 2012

With all this commotion about 50 Shades of Grey, I thought I'd better hop on the steamy romance novel bandwagon.  Personally, there's no possible way you could get me to read Twilight fan fiction - even the threat of torture or death wouldn't be enough. (However, I always thought an explicit fan fiction of Vision and Scarlet Witch would be pretty cool... but I digress).

Most used bookstores that sell paperbacks are packed to the gills with romance novels.  God only knows how many of these things have come out over the years.  Each individual novel never could come close to making it on the best seller list, but taken as a whole, the genre is a powerhouse, and has been for quite some time.

In the vintage blogosphere, there's a lot of resources for other genres - tons on vintage sci-fi and pulps, for instance.  Not a lot on the ol' romance paperback (Get Your Bodices Ripped Here is probably the best out there).  So, here's my small contribution.  I haven't actually read any of these, so can't comment on the content, but I can sure enjoy a good romance cover now and again.  Enjoy.

This is nice looking cover, but it doesn't seem to fit the novel's title.  No one is smiling - quite the contrary, they look dead serious.

This would've been a whole lot better without the lame picture at the bottom right.  You've got this heavy duty sex scene taking place at midnight in front a fireplace.... and then there's this godawful video thingy going on.

A trivial complaint - the guy's left hand looks terrible.  I understand it's in the shadow of her boob, so it's darker... but it looks like he's turning into Mr. Hyde or something.

I love looking up old books in Google Books.  In addition to bibliographic information, they have a section called "common terms and phrases".  Among the most common words in The Silken Web are:

breasts, station wagon, highball glass, nipples, mustache, chest, and Chub Cay.

Common words and phrases from The Beloved Intruder...

fingers, bree, cheeks, mohair, yarn, small face, Winter Prince, weaving

Sort of surprising that "painfully awkward kiss" isn't listed.

The Shamrock Trinity: York the Renegade, Rafe the Maverick, and Paddy O'Flaherty the drunk leprechaun 

For having just given birth, the mother looks remarkably put together.  Nice hospital gown.


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