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Friday, 31 August 2012

Have you ever seen a more ridiculous thing in your life?  These crummy pieces of paper are supposed to somehow make sense of the insanely confusing rates and save you money.

The Phone Thing comes to you from 1979, but considering the advances in telecommunications since then, it may as well be 1879.  Some of you may remember the mind numbing long distance game of the seventies and eighties.

If you'll recall, the first minute was always the most expensive.  And long distance rates were so steep that you could fill your tank up with gas for the price of talking on the phone for an hour. In most homes, long distance was forbidden except on weekends.  If you absolutely had to call on a weekday, it would have to be late in the evening and you'd have to make it super quick.

To make things even more inconvenient, your fees would be based on distance. So, a call from Atlanta to Baltimore would cost more than a call from Atlanta to Los Angeles. BUT physical location wasn't always a good guide as exceptions to this rule were plentiful.  And something tells me this "Phone Thing" wasn't going to solve your problems.


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