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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A few announcements regarding the Retrospace Podcast....

First, it is now to be called Retrospace Radio.  It has annoyed me immensely over the past year or so that this isn't technically a proper podcast.  I don't ever talk - it's just music with various clips thrown in.  When I initially started these posts, I had every intention of recording myself - I even bought a mike.  That dream was short lived.  Let's just say, Johnny Fever I am not.  I sounded like Bob Ross on quaaludes.  It was awful and I've been sticking to the music ever since... but the title remained "podcast" until today.

Also, I am changing the format of these podcasts (now radio episodes).  In the past, they have been a beautiful tapestry of nostalgia - an admixture of commercials, movie clips, songs, TV themes, etc.  Needless to say, they took forever to make.  I could write ten posts in the time it took me to make a single podcast.    So, I am primarily sticking to just music, without a whole lot of bells and whistles.  This sucks, but on the upside I can now deliver podcasts much more frequently... and they'll be longer.  This one is thirty minutes.

And lastly, each episode will have a theme.  For instance, there will be episodes with songs only about drugs, TV theme episodes, porn soundtrack episodes, etc.  You get the picture.  To start with, we'll go with something simple - "instrumentals".  Enjoy.





  1. Anton Valotti - Spiro
  2. Max Harris - Hang Loose
  3. 'CHiPs' theme
  4. Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue
  5. Andre Ceccarelli - Gang Process
  6. Van Halen - Sunday Afternoon in the Park
  7. 'Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries' theme
  8. George Martin - Baron Samedi's Dance of Death (Live and Let Die OST)
  9. Brass Ring - the Dis-Advantages of You
  10. Link Wray - Viva zapatas
  11. Walter Wanderly - Summer Samba
  12. [clip: Frankly Fiona movie]
  13. 'The Girl from UNCLE' theme
  14. Hugo Montenegro - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  15. John Cameron - Mustang Part II
  16. 'Break the Bank' theme
  17. [record store radio commerical]
  18. Meco - Star Wars


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