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Friday, 24 August 2012

The seventies were the heyday of martial arts in pop culture.  It was everywhere you looked: Bruce Lee was larger than life, "Kung Fu Fighting" on the radio, Hong Kong Phooey on Saturday Morning, David Carradine in the evening, and Billy Jack serving up a can of whoopass on the big screen. Indeed, martial arts films were so plentiful, I could spend years devoting a whole blog on the subject and only scratch the surface.  There was even a zombie karate film(s)...... need I say more?

For me, I didn't really experience the full vigor of martial arts obsession until the eighties via Kung Fu Theater, The Karate Kid and The Master..... God, I loved that show!  I even owned a Chinese Star, although I don't think I threw the thing even once (I probably woud've hurt myself).

Anyway, this is a post about magazine covers, so here's a bunch of kick-ass karate-choppin' covers.  Get ready for lots of mustachioed gentlemen delivering and receiving severe ass beatings. Enjoy.

Chuck Norris delivering a flying kick over the Statue of Liberty.  It doesn't get any better than this, ladies and gents.

Who cares about the exclusive Chee Soo interview.  I want that damn T-shirt!

As if you needed any further proof that Shat is a complete badass.

Move over Bruce Lee.... here comes Humperdinck!
Is Ponch about to put the beat down on that young man?

Interviewer: What's your prediction for the fight?
Ponch: My prediction?
Interviewer: Yes, your prediction.
[Ponch looks into camera]
Ponch: Pain!

Worst Kung-Fu facial expression ever.  A combination of "please don't hurt me" and "I've got to squeeze one out". But the thick manly mustache makes it all better.

When you learn karate, Kojak will give you trophies.  If your karate gear looks like Evel Knievel's bathrobe, even better.

When you learn karate, women will wait upon you and kneel before your manliness.

Yes, she has her top off for no reason.  Is there a problem?



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