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Saturday, 14 July 2012

If the thought ever crosses your mind that I'll run out of topics on Retrospace, just remember this post on vintage Yugoslavian music. As long as it's pop culture and from the 60s-80s, it's fair game.  I am glad that there are so many of you out there that appreciate your vintage posts a bit off the beaten track.  I mean I could sit here and talk about Led Zep or Pink Floyd all day long, but that stuff gets old.  Let's unearth some pop culture artifacts instead.

Well, you can't veer much more off the mainstream than a two part post on Yugoslavian music of the seventies. It wasn't exactly a musical mecca like Liverpool, Motown or Seattle - not to mention the country no longer even exists. So, let's dive right in and try some obscure tracks that are just begging for you take a listen. You might be surprised as some of these are not half bad. Enjoy!


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