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Monday, 2 July 2012

This is a scan from a July 1980 Cosmopolitan magazine. [click here to see extra large detail scan]  Leave it to Cosmo to have the girls in wide open shirts for a piece about hair.... not that I'm complaining.

Say what you will about the eighties - they definitely were creative with the hair.  So much of the seventies was spent with the straight-sleek look predominating - really not much in the way of style.  Sure, you had your wedge and shag, but it wasn't till the end of the decade that things really took off (thank you Farrah).

Click image to view large size - click here to view big ass size. If you have a dial-up internet connection, this will take four months to load.

Click here for the super big image

Things got creative with sunglasses as well.  I can't say I'm a fan of any of these, but they get points for trying.  I personally don't wear sunglasses because, without fail, I will sit on them and crush them within the first week of owning them.  It's an affliction I cannot overcome.

Click here for big ol' version of scan

This issue also contained a brilliantly photographed article on legs.  This was music to my ears.... er, eyes.  Music to my eyes.... Whatever. You know what I mean.

...and, finally, this.  An article on nightwear.  


Final Note: On an incredibly trivial matter, I'd like to say a quick word about grammar. (Most of you should stop reading now and move onto another post).  I fully realize that I often use the apostrophe where it shouldn't go when talking about dates.  Here's the official rule:

Correct: 1970s
Incorrect: 1970's

Correct: '80s
Incorrect" 80's

"1970s" is not a contraction (as in "don't") or a possessive (as in Gilligan's) - it is plural and should not have an apostrophe.  However, it is a common mistake here on Retrospace.  I must admit that I haven't given two shits about it; however, I'm sure there are grammar gorillas out there that are driven crazy by this.  So, I hereby pledge to try to write it the correct way.

In my own defense I will say that the incorrect way is probably MORE common than the right way - so much so that the correct way almost doesn't look right. 

There. I got that off my chest.  Now on to things that aren't excruciatingly tedious.


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