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Friday, 13 July 2012

In pancake posts of the past we've dwelt on the action taking place literally seconds before pancake making.  Today, we're looking at the first step in the process - the grand entry.  What's beautiful about these photos (besides the killer styles and decor) is that you can literally tell that pancakes are on the menu - and the people have just entered the room!  I mean, these people have barely introduced themselves and it's already painfully obvious that pancakes will be made.  Dirty, sweaty, filthy pancakes.

Looks like pancakes are the house special at this 'gyner diner.  Hold the sausage, these gals are vagitarians.

Heh-heh.  You see what I did there? I made a tasteless pun..... I'll see myself out.

"Knock, knock"
"Who's there?"

No comment on this one.  I'll leave some of these blank for your pancake related comments.

Sadly, this is the last known photograph of Alexander Dupré.  His whereabouts remain a mystery, and the only clue was an enigmatic note to his secretary: "Stepped out for some pancakes."

He's looking at the gal in red and thinking "pancakes", but the gal in red is looking at the gal in black and thinking "pancakes" - who's returning the look. I think it's safe to assume our guy will end up a spectator to any pancake making going on this this evening.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tereza.  I ordered her from the Czech Republic.  She will be providing us with  "palačinka" this evening.... that's "pancakes" to you and me.


To illustrate my point that pancakes can be detected from a simple photograph, I present to you the example above and picture (#11) below.  Both involve introductions and a young lady in a miniskirt having her jacket removed. So similar.... yet, it is plain to see that pancakes are about to commence in (#10); however (#11), taken from an old yearbook, does not trigger my pancake radar. Any theories?

For search engine optimization they tell you to repeat key words over and over to lure people in.  Given that principle, these pancake posts will most certainly attract innocent people in search of a good pancake recipe....only to be hit with vintage sleaze.  And I want this to be the first picture they see.


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