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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I don't care about Miss America.  I could give a damn about Miss Universe.  What I wanna see is Miss Magnolia State, or even better: Miss Pierce County or Miss Wilcox Agricultural Fair.  In this post, we're looking at snapshots of beauty queen contestants and winners from pageants off the beaten path.

The pageantry has been soiled in recent years via scandals, overbearing mothers, reality shows, and twisted toddler exhibitions.  So, we're taking a step back to a time before things got tainted, to places such as Grand Openings and Ground Breaking Ceremonies where there was always a "Miss Something-or-other" in attendance. And I know there's whole sites devoted to these vintage queens - a single post with a handful of photos hardly does the subject justice.  So, let's just say this is the first of many to come. Enjoy.

Miss Autorama

Miss Tacoma Home Show

Miss Pierce County

Not sure.  Miss Hula?

Miss Tacoma Home Show

Texas Pirate Queen

Miss Cam--.... Camaro? I'm sure someone out there can help me.

Miss Tacoma

Miss Putt Putt

Miss Redondo Beach

Miss Texas

Miss Nationals

Miss Airport 1970

Miss Alice in Dairyland (?)

Miss Kentucky 1969

Miss Putt Putt Contest

Miss Hurst Golden Shifter

(?) Beauty Contest

Miss Speed Weeks

1973 Banana Boat Queens

Miss San Fernando Valley

Mini Skirt Contest Queen 1969

Miss Broward County
For more ribbon cutting mamas (not necessarily pageant winners), go to this post.


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