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Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm not a huge fan of the slacks look for women (as you may have guessed).  The problem began in the mid sixties - before then, women never wore pants.  The Capri got a heavy lift from Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and with the coming of Women's Lib, pants were fair game for all women.  Of course, who can complain about the skin tight jeans that became popular in the mid seventies.... but this post isn't about jeans. We're talkin' slacks.

The term itself is rarely used anymore.  "Slacks" is basically synonymous with "pants" or "trousers" (another rarely used word). I could easily have titled this post "Chick Pants", but the pants of the seventies just seem to fit the term "slacks" so much better.

A note about bell bottoms:  The cuffs would graze the floor and create a dangerous amount of static electricity.  You could shock the shit out of your friends by touching them with your finger.

Plus, women generally wore platforms or wedges, otherwise their feet would be completely lost beneath the umbrella of the bell bottom.

But enough jibba jabba. Time for some chick slacks.  Enjoy the Gallery of Shame (or Pride, depending on your preference).

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[17-18] The jumpsuit deserves a post by itself.  Love it.





[26] My favorite.



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