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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

1978 was probably my biggest year in terms of total pop culture immersion.  I couldn't tell you who anyone is on the cover of People magazine in the past ten years; but, in 1978 I was balls deep in the Hollywood who's-who.

Initially, I planned on scanning some of the text from this tabloid jewel, but upon reading it, I discovered it was pure unadulterated garbage.  "Did you know Shaun Cassidy was a good bowler?" "Did you know Kate Jackson enjoys the feel of soft cloth enveloping her slim frame?" Gag.  Suffice it to say, it's probably best we just stick with the pictures.

Can you imagine having to replace Farrah Fawcett? She could've easily ended up despised, but Cheryl Ladd was just too damn likeable to resent.  I recall she tried to start a country music career, but after that I never heard much from her.

These guys were genuine badasses (in spite of Paul Michael Glaser's big puffy sweater).  These guys would eat the Duke boys for breakfast.  Soul wasn't afraid to share with us his softer side via "Don't Give Up on Us Baby", a classic for the ages. Take into account Salem's Lot and Magnum Force, and Soul's got a better resume than DeCaprio in my book.

Despite her long Kaminoan neck, Kate Jackson had perhaps more natural beauty than the other Angels.  For some reason, Jackson felt the need to look less and less attractive with each passing season.  While the other Angels were flopping around in bikinis and bra-less halter-tops, Jackson would be wearing turtlenecks and polyester slacks.  Joyce deWitt was prone to similar purposeful un-sexiness.  Perhaps, it's the stress of working alongside the biggest sex-bombs of the decade (Farrah and Suzanne Somers) that ultimately made them just stop trying.

If only he'd stayed at James Buchanan - Kotter would've never let him join that silly cult.  "I don't know whether to join this scientology thing, Mister Kotter.  I'm so CON-FUSED!"  (that was a catch phrase, for those not in the know)

Is it just me, or does Shaun Cassidy look startlingly effeminate?  This is what you get when David Bowie starts mating with chipmunks. It's not pretty.

I couldn't not include this....


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