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Sunday, 17 June 2012

"What a great many people still don't realize is the Look isn't just the garments you wear. It's the way you put your make-up on, the way you do your hair, the sort of stockings you choose, the way you walk and stand; even the way you smoke your fag."
-- Mary Quant, (1966)

If you've spent any length of time on Retrospace, you know I'm not much of a high fashion connoisseur.  Most of my fashion posts are either low-brow needlework pamphlets or amateur photographs.  Yet, the miniskirt had its moment in the sun during the late sixties, and to not have a Miniskirt Monday post with professional fashion shots wouldn't be doing the subject justice.  So, here it is.

Rather than bombard your already overworked CPU with a million fashion shots, I figured we'd take it easy and limit this round to black & white photographs only.  So, sit back and enjoy the minis!

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