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Friday, 15 June 2012

"A Little Chunk of You" by David Wilcox (1977)
By '77 folk music had long overstayed its welcome. "You made me love you, when I didn't love myself" - Blecch. 

"Julie Argoyne" by Mick Softley (1970)
At what point did Anglo Prog just stop trying? Here's your answer.  He sounds like a crazed leprechaun.

"Maggie, the Baby Is Crying" by Vernon Oxford (1978)
Country music "woe is me" at its worst.  Someone should tell Vernon his kid is crying because of his lousy singing.

"A Blanket of Sound" by Banned (1968)
Someone should put a blanket over this sound.... or better yet, the singer's mouth.  If there was ever a person worthy of smothering, it's this singer.

"Flashy Lady" by Barry Manilow (1973)
I admit openly that I like me some Manilow on occasion.... just not this occasion.  I don't know if he's trying to be Paul Stanley or something, but it's not workin'.

"Night Girl" by Tear Gas (1970)
I include this one for fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia who will recall the tragic "Night Man" song.  Sadly, this song bears a lot similarities...... but much, much worse.

"Bobo's Party" by Melanie (1968)
This song actually reached number one in France - which highly disturbing because this song is simply torturous. It may have great lyrics, but the sound is so shrill and miserable, you'll be too busy praying for it to end to register a single word.   It's nearly as bad as Nickelback.... yeah, I said it.

"Trying to Write a Hit Song" by Player
This song isn't too terribly bad, but I thought it was a fitting end to this post.

Well, you made it through. Congratulation.  I just hope there hasn't been any permanent psychological damage.


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