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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Coming from a guy dressed like Mr. Furley, there's no room to talk, buddy.  She's an attractive gal, and you're pleasant looking at best.  Be thankful for what you've got. My advice: Spend a little less time staring at her slight faults and a lot more time pedaling, son!

One of the surest marketing tactics is the "embarrassment factor": the fear that, because you didn't buy this product, you will be shamed or rejected.  It's a strong instinct in humans - the desire to fit in and not be an outcast is hardwired into our genes.  We can't help but fall prey to these advertisements that strike a chord on a primal level.  Buy our stuff or you will be shunned!

Women don't have to worry about this once commonplace embarrassment (as we've discussed before on Retrospace).  A gain for the ladies, (wipes tear from eye) a loss for us men.

I don't get it.  Bill asked her to go to the dance TO-NIGHT, not in ten days.  Was there yet another dance exactly ten days later?  I think this Marvel Skin Creme did something to Betty's mind.

Madge is a bitch.

When you think of using embarrassment tactics, perhaps none can compare to the iconic muscular bully vs. weakling at the beach.  This scenario has played out in so many magazines and comics, I could easily devote an entire post to it and only scratch the surface.  I thought I'd include a less familiar non-English version instead of the legendary Charles Atlas ad everyone's seen.

These are the cool people - the groovy set, the with-it clique.  You want to fit in with them don't you? Their skin is perfect, yours is splotchy and they will exclude you for it..... or worse, call attention to it in front of your peers.  Better buy Komed. Your reputation is at stake.

Can you think of a better way to market an anti-perspirant than utilizing the embarrassment technique? The fear of the underarm stench and pit stain is evidently very strong among us humans.  The anti-perspirant and deodorant companies have been milking this strategy for decades.  Here's a couple more...

I'm sorry, but there's something else going on here - normal people don't evacuate elevators just because they didn't shower on time. That must be one malicious stink... and it doesn't look like she's been running a marathon. This sounds like a medical condition... I'm thinking she may have a thyroid problem.  



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