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Monday, 4 June 2012

Is there anything more disturbing than a guy with a life size inflatable love doll? I don't have a clue about current men's magazines, but vintage men's rags were overflowing with blow up babes - so, there must've been a market.

The ad above is one of my favorites.  Are we to believe that this doll is going to look this lifelike? And check out the text: ".... you can put me in the car as your traveling companion.... or even hold me in your lap and tell me all your secrets." Here's some free advice to all you fellas out there - if you're whispering secrets to a blow up doll, you've officially hit rock bottom.  Time to buy a Tony Robbins tape and make some life changes.


And dig the guy's nifty "peace sign", as if to let us know he's about to fill Judy with a lot more than air. If that weren't enough, the pictures in the bottom left make it appear that Jane will actually move around like a real person! Other highlights:

  • For an extra seven bucks you get the "Super Pak" which includes a bikini, peek-a-boo negligee and wig.
  • Instead of lily white Judy, you can buy the "negro" doll, Susan.
  • "At parties I generally cause a mild sensation."
  • Evidently, this doll was featured on "Love American Style". WTF?

Here's a few more....

Okay, this next one's not a blow up doll, but for some reason I'm more creeped out by this than the dolls. 
Anyway, this whole blow up doll thing wouldn't be so unnerving if it wasn't so popular (given its ubiquity in these old magazines).  I won't go down the dark road of trying to figure out why or how this sort of thing meets a need in many males. Perhaps, it's no more than a "power" thing, or fear of being rejected or ridiculed by a real live female.
I know there's been a lot of movies which have flirted with the notion of a robot love doll (ex. Cherry 2000), and God only knows what went on Star Trek Next Generation's Holodeck after hours.  Logan's Run came close with its Love Slave On Demand technology.  One wonders what will become of us when men can get their lovin' from an android or virtual girl. No commitments, no repercussions, no sacrifice, and always without blemish or faults. The human race may literally become extinct.
God help us all.
She costs $1,999.89 plus shipping and handling.  To get one double jointed will cost you $50 extra.


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