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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Unlike Rosie Greer, Sergio Aragones, Artie Johnson and other self-proclaimed male knitters, I have yet to attempt the fine art of needlecraft.  Thus, my knowledge is a bit lacking, especially when it comes to the terminology of some of the crazy clothing to come out of the seventies.  So, bear with me.

One thing is for certain, there arose a fashion trend which defied category. Sometimes it looked less like an article of clothing than it did a pot holder.  I've seen it referred to as "shrink tops" and "body huggers".  Basically, they were yarn creations that the terms "shirt" or "sweater" did not do justice. Often composed of granny squares, and sometimes they  looked like a child's pair of overalls - but meant to be worn by adults.

"WTF" you say? Well, carry on, dear reader, and perhaps all will be clear.... or perhaps even more confused.  Retrospace is in dire need of an expert on this subject.

First up is the "child's overalls".  Can't say as I remember seeing this on adults back in the day, but then that doesn't mean they weren't out there.

These tops are begging for some kind of taxonomy.  They're "breastplates", "rib ticklers", "gypsy huggers", "shrink tops", "body huggers", etc.

And finally, we have the two-piece oddity.  Basically, a top of any variety with a pair of shorts.  There's something strange about a crocheted pair of hot pants - a style that was clearly limited to a brief moment in time never to be seen again.  I must admit, I dig it.

I'll leave you with the Nautical Tunic Top.  Jesus Harold Christ!


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