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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ready to take a trip back in time decades before Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan grabbed all the headlines of the entertainment tabloids? The names have changed, but the subject matter is the same: celebrity gossip based on here-say and half-truths with a pinch of straight out lies. The content seems a little less sleazy, but, as you'll see, the ads are a lot filthier than anything you'd find in a grocery store checkout line today. So, enjoy a selection of articles and ads from Screen and TV Album from March 1978.

Hello People! No matter what you hear about CHER and GREGG ALLMAN'S marriage being near an end, it's not as simple as that. Georgia Holt, Cher's mom, is the first to let you know that her daughter deeply loves Gregg. He's the first man Cher has deeply loved. Of course, she's not happy with his drug problem, what wife would be, but she nevertheless has made a commitment and she wants with all her heart to save this marriage. Cher has told her closest friends that if she and Gregg should finally call it quits, it would only be because they have decided it's the best thing for the two of them. "My daughter is really an old fashioned girl," Georgia says. She deeply believes in marriage and a healthy family."

If you think that RICHARD PRYOR is uptight about losing his TV variety series, forget it. Not only did he walk away with five million bucks from NBC, with a contract still intact, but the comedian has also made a multipicture deal with Universal and Warner Brothers studios for mucho bucks. However, the big question everyone in Hollywood is asking is whether or not Pryor will end up like Freddie Prinze, especially with that wild old crowd he's been running around with. And that certain weakness that has been plaguing so many young performers today was the real cause for his recent heart attack. Could this be the reason why his bride of a few months has left him three times? If so, rich Richard, if he's not careful, will end up as poor Richard again.

CHERYL LADD had her Charlie's Angels producers in an uproar when she announced that she was thinking about changing the color of her hair. "I'm sick and tired of being compared with Farrah Fawcett," she shouted. 'The only thing we have in common is that we both have eyes, a nose, and teeth - but with Farrah possibly having a few more showing than me."

The starlet who has been going around telling anybody who would listen that she was the real love in NEIL DIAMOND'S life, has quietly left the party-circuit after hearing that the singer's wife, Marsha, is expecting their second child.

Tony'~ back, ORLANDO, that is. The singer who shocked his fans a few months ago by announcing he would retire from show biz because he didn't want to end up like his buddy FREDDIE PRINZE has now got himself together. He's decided to resume his career, but he'll only work if it allows him to spend a reasonable amount of time with his family.

PENNY MARSHALL is really getting the swing at being a TV super-star. When she and hubby, ROB REINER got in a heavy argument recently at a Hollywood restaurant, Penny slammed a piece of lemon meringue pie in his face and shouted, "I don't have to take this, I'm a damn star!" Gee whiz, is ugly really in?

"I don't ever want to play weak characters," says SYLVESTER STALLONE. "I want to show people in films that they can do or accomplish anything they want, if they really want it bad enough." And Sly is doing just that in his newest film F.I.S.T., a story of a powerful union official.

"I think people are starting to ~ut me on a pedestal because I'm on a television show," said good looking Wille Aames, "but that's ridiculous. If anything, I should put my fans on a pedestal. Without them I wouldn't be anywhere."

Smiling, he continued. "Sure I'm thrilled with all the good things that have been happening since Eight Is Enough, but I'm just a down to earth kid that was lucky enough to get a break. I'm having a ball doing the show and I hope it's on for years."

Willie, at 17 years old, still lives at home with his parents in Newport Beach and doesn't mind commuting back and forth to the studio in his Datsun pickup truck. "We're a very close family," the man with the green eyes said. "We do a great deal of fun things together and I don't see any reason for moving out because some might think it's the 'in' thing to do."

"I have to admit the greatest thrill I ever had was being on The Donny & Marie Show, said adorable Kristy McNichol. "I don't think it's any big secret that I've had a ~remendous crush on Donny Osmond for the longest time. The cast and crew of Family would always kid me because I have his picture hanging in my dressing room, it got to the point that I would even wear purple socks because it's Donny's favorite color.

"For the longest time I was trying to figure out a way to get Donny on our show, but the way luck has it, I appeared on his. It was such a ball, that I really felt guilty taking a pay check," Kristy said with a big laugh. "You know something funny," she continued to say. "I'm only normal. How many other girls my age feel the same way about Donny as I do? There are many and you might say that I'm one of the group."

A few years ago, the Catskill borscht circuit featured a 15 year old boy who sang and danced with a specialty review made up of young kids.

Sitting in the audience was an agent, Selma Rubin, who recognized Donny Most's acting potential. In New York he began studying with a drama coach and performed in workshops. He appeared on some commercials and then landed some stage, TV and film roles.

Donny's credits include the film American Dream. He portrayed Tom Sawyer on ABC's Huckleberry Finn and he's done TV shows like Room 222, Emergency and he even sang on The Merv Griffin Show. last year he recorded his first vocal single, All Roads and he hopes it will do well.


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