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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sweet, sweet Lord.  This cannot be what I think it is (rubbing eyes) - a piece of bread with an inch thick layer of yellow-orange "cheese" spread.  There's only a two scenarios where eating this is acceptable: (1) You are on Fear Factor and may win lots of money by eating it, or (2) You are in the midst of a zombie holocaust.... because, at that point, f**k it.

It's a pity.  That macaroni looks like it'd be a good meal were it not for those bars of compressed pig lips and assholes. Only the McRib is more grotesque in the world of processed meat products.

This may be the oddest coupon cross promotion I've ever seen.  Two pairs of nylons with a bag of Cheetos puffs.... really?  What's next, a free pair of panties with every box of Crunch-n-Munch?  A free sanitary napkin in every box of Honeycomb?

I'm sorry, but you don't get to drop a slice of cheese on a hot dog and call it a "Treatwich".  It's just a lousy hot dog with cheese. (And what's with the tomato? A sad lackluster attempt at looking nouveau?)

I've never been a big fan of the 'wiener on a stick' concept to begin with.  Coating it in cereal doesn't make it's awfulness go away.

Yes, when I think of mod subculture, I think of tailored suits, scooters, pop art, The Who, Mary Quant..... and individually sliced cheese. (I wonder if amphetamines are tucked in the center of each psychedelic radish.)


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