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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Recognize these performers? Probably not.  They're the group "Square Root" and like most of the performers you'll see in this post, they weren't exactly headlining at Shea Stadium..... in fact, they were lucky to headline at the Holiday Inn.  But then, that's not necessarily an insult - all bands have to start this way.  The Beatles payed their dues at the Cavern Club, and Square Root probably played their asses off at plenty of local dives.

I can't help but wonder what ever became of Square Root and these other acts that, for whatever reason, never made it big..... if you happen to know information on them, please drop it in a comment.

Like Jo Mama, The Cates Gang doesn't strike me so much as a Holiday Inn variety lounge act, so much as a seedy bar, maybe even strip joint.  I imagine them sounding a lot like The Lovin' Spoonful.

Let me introduce you to Bill Skully and the Dyna-Tones.  Now we're talkin' some serious lounge.  I'll be they rocked every Howard Johnson they played.  Laugh if you will, but picture yourself listening to these guys at a candlelit table with a foxy lady, a pack of cigs, and an Old Fashioned.... that is the life I was meant to lead.

Are you allowed to have cocky expressions like this when you're still playing venues with buffets? Methinks Tea thought they were the next Traffic or Tull.  I'm betting at least one of these guys is a wealthy day trader who still pines for his glory days of rockin' out with his buds in Tea.

Apparently, these guys did enjoy some modest popularity, and even did their shtick at The Dunes.  I've never heard them, but I can guarantee it was corny.... and I can also guarantee I'd love it.

The Imperials were a pretty successful Christian/Gospel group.... but I'm not sure if these guys are those Imperials, or just another band with the same name.  Looking at their Wikipedia page, The Imperials had more lineup changes than Uriah Heep.

According to Wikipedia:
...Considered one of the three main Illinois-based folk singers in the 1970s, along with Steve Goodman and John Prine forming the "trinity of the Chicago folk scene.". Koloc was the least successful of the three, but her material did sell modestly.

According to Wikipedia:
Although he never gained wide commercial success, he influenced other artists, especially British singer-songwriters such as Elvis Costello, Elton John and Phil Collins, all of whom are self-declared fans of Ackles. After Ackles's death Costello said, "It's a mystery to me why his wonderful songs are not better known.

Ronnie Barron was a successful session musician. But session musicians are basically like stuntmen - they do the dirty work anonymously so the big names can get the glory.  I'm sure Ronnie got tired of being the talent behind the curtain, but alas his solo venture was not very fruitful.

Haven't the faintest idea who Giorgio is.  Pretentious hack or underrated genius? We may never know.

This promotional photo says it's for the Mike Riley Trio.  Where's the other two?  By trio do they mean Mike Riley, his mustache, and his awesome head of hair?

Singers David Rowe and Wally Kaye...... Bowie and Eno they are not.

This is the band "If"........ as in, "If only they had sold records."

"Bossa Rio" is Portuguese for "we still haven't paid off the loan to buy our instruments".

....and a few more for the road...


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